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What is Booster Club?

  Princeton Booster Club is an organization of parents of PHS students, past and present, as well as other community members.  Booster Club supports Princeton Public School in a variety of ways.  We give scholarships to graduating Seniors. We support classroom teachers by offering grants to purchase items that aren't in the school's budget, donate money for score boards, the track, a gas grill for foods classes, a kiln for art classes, and more.  Princeton Booster Club also supports extra-curricular activities by donating money to purchase sporting equipment for our teams, paying for summer leagues, donating to the band program to repair and purchase new instruments, and more.  We are able to assist by running various fundraisers throughout the year including concession stands at basketball and track events, our annual golf outing,  as well as running the food booth at the Princeton flea market.

Booster Club Contact information:

President – Tony Doro, 295-4183  email address:

Treasurer – Laurie Judas, 295-4245  email address:

Secretary – Sarah Geisthardt, 295-6347  email address:


Please feel free to contact any Booster Club member with questions or concerns.




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